Andrea Johnson reviewed Cosmic Vibrations LMT — 5 star

"Carly was amazing and helped me out. Being 5 months pregnant she really knew what she was doing and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed! Thanks Carly!!"

Eric Pehrson reviewed Cosmic Vibrations LMT — 5 star

"It hurt so good! She was like a jackhammer on all my tight spots :)"

Brent Blackburn reviewed Cosmic Vibrations LMT — 5 star

 "First visit is a short interview, helping to define what past traumas your body may have endured, as well as where your body carries most tension. I would highly advise for the first visit enjoying the specialty Structural Integration as a full body treatment which you will likely walk away from feeling entirely reborn. When she has finished with her first session she will help advise you on further possibilities of focus and modalities which can then be worked systematically into bringing your body and posture into alignment while slowly dissolving residual body tension. I highly recommend committing to the weekly appointment structure, which will build on itself with ever growing levels of relaxation and mental and emotional contentment. The rewards of working with this incredible healer are substantial, and the more you're willing to dive into it, the more you will get out. You will be amazed as Carly finds a particularly tense spot in your body, and you're so relaxed your mind is anywhere and nowhere at once and suddenly as she helps the tension work through your mind will retrace something that has been bothering you and release from the mental and emotional discomfort as well. All sorts of epiphanies to your own living have the potential to shine through. For further information or to schedule an appointment please contact Carly Jones at: 801-512-4234; your entire being will thank you."


  • Candice C.

    "Carly was great! She's very friendly and knowledgeable!! She provided good information about stretches after the massage! :)"

    May 11, 2015